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2009 Resolution - What is your result?
2009 is about to end. Did you manage to meet your resolutions made early this year?

Let me see my checklist:-

1. Reduce weight by 5 KG (FAILED) - Increase another 3 KG. Blink
2. Keep to my current job (FAILED)
3. Build 5 more websites (ACCOMPLISHED)
4. Spend at least 2 hours a day with my boy (ACCOMPLISHED)
5. Eat healthy food, BKT once a month only (FAILED)

Lol.. Looks like I need to work harder next year..
ermm.... my check list of 2009 are :

1) hope work can be higher level = achieve the target ** but tired nor my own time **Mad
2) buy dream car = after much deliberation then give up ** cause it is not practical**Ohmy
3) on leave for holiday above 2 weeks = failed ** cause engagement **Bored

Rolleyes for my next year....

i hope can get more & more holidays go to every beautiful seaside.
lollllll Lol
Hmm my checklist:

1. Gain at least 5kg. (FAILED)
2. Keep my current job. (YES, UNFORTUNATELY)
3. Salary increment. (FAILED)
4. Spend at least 2 hours a day with my girlfren (FAILED, GOT REJECTED BY HER)
5. Eat healthy food, BKT once a month only. (ACCOMPLISHED, SIEN BKT NOT CHEAP..CANT AFFORD TO EAT IT ALWAYS TOO..)
get 1 license: got 2 Big Grin
pass course: passed
get LCD : next year
healthier this year: same only....
less stress: peaked mid year then less year end..so can consider okla..
gain weight: 3kg... Big Grin
get extra muscle: lesser..hahaha..lazy liao.
travel to a country: fail....
1) get girlfriend - PASS! :125:
2) get richer than last year - barely passed...
3) walking further with Jesus - better than last year,..but still didnt achieve target
4) get black belt in martial arts - FAILED!!! :g-mad-1: grrr...stupid work projects, no personal time
5) find & start a business opportunity - sigh..failed
Kimmy, number 5 accomplished, your number 1 will get easier. :p
i just know is 2009 a BAD YEAR FOR ME
Lets those "sui" luck keep me away !:g-mario-running:
Im looking forward 2010
a new life ..new born me

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