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Best Star Wars: Phantom Manace trilogy review
Once you get past the voice, you won' be able to stop watching, he brings up very good points.

This is 70 minutes long, split into a few youtube vids.
Warning, dark humor and swearing.


To be fair, I still like the saber duels.
No Fear, No Limits, No Equal..
Ya i like the duels too, it was fun, but then again i think for most of us myself at least, see that as the exciting part or the highlight of the movie, which is not bad for me at least enjoy something, but for the movie its sad because the physical aspect of the sword fight scene stole the show.

This guy's review made me think about watching movies in general, usually i just accept anything or everything, just want to have a good time mah. But applying some critical thinking while watching is actually more fun but in a different sense.
Watched the whole thing. Overall, it was funny, and had some insightful things to say. That said (and I don't remember if he introduces this in the first one), there's a running gag that the narrator is crazy and kidnaps and butchers people. Not my style of humor. Still, worth the 70 minutes.

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