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top speed for 125zr
what is the top speed for yamaha 125zr???
Speed is just as much(or as fast) as you want it to go..just twist the throttle..but Malay rempits will definitely ask this question - "ADA BERANI??"

Hehe..The meter on the motor shows 180km/j..but I'm not sure how fast it can really go lorr..
[Image: DSC03552.jpg]
duh ....

another rempit to born kah Tongue?
the speedometer for 125zr is not right....

80 on that is like 60 on a car only.
Something like the saying...bunyi macam ribut, lari macam siput..hehe
If no modified, the top speed for tis baby is around 160kph. If modify liaw, it can go 220 kph and above....Smile

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