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Pulau Ketam Kelong - Fish Farm
There's 2 Fishfarm aka Kelong at Pulau Ketam that allows ppl to go fishing for a fee. Here's their contacts number.....Tongue

1)Kelong Natural Paradise | P.Ketam (P.Klang) | Ah Pee -012-2618447 | RM 15

2)Green way tour services | P.Ketam (P.Klang) | 03 31105404,012 3225333,013 361 6668 - (Rm30 Rm50 - day fishing or Rm80 for overnite fishing and food)

The location
[Image: pulauketamfishingspot.jpg]

This was caught at Green Way Kelong....Big Grin
[Image: SiakapKelongGreenway.jpg]

Safety Tips :- Safety and Prevention
ahh...thanks for the info...
I've fished on the Kelong before for day trip.. very nice experience.
Surely it is a no no place for playing catch, unless you want to be the next meal for the super large fish in the pond. :p
The feeding time for the caged fish is an awesome experience. Imagine Piranha + Blood tainted meat.

Most unforgettable experience was my wife's arm took about 6 months to get rid of the sunburn.. So.. Remember the lotion.

Would love to go there again.
Love potion No 9 ????Tongue
kurau king, if you are organising a trip to fishing at the kelong, do let me know or post an invitation over here... i would like to join in as it would be better to learn from the best.... i am just a beginner angler....

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